A Mulberry Investment?..

Iconic Mulberry Bayswater

Mulberry Bayswater in the unforgettable Poppy Red 😍😍😍


Do you think a Bayswater is worth  it???

Its most probably on the wish list for most ladies who love their arm Kandy, the luxe kind…  Including myself..

So whats the hold up??

The hold is most likely to be the price tag starting from £895 for this particular bag.  I still have not found the right way in to justify this splurge.

Available @ http://www.mulberry.com/shop/bayswater-search/bayswater-poppy-red-natural-leather

I think a few more pennies need to be saved inorder for santa to deliver this stunning piece without a shadow of a doubt.

Note to readers; it is a well known fact Mulberry have increased the prices in recent years so i wouldn’t wait to long to make that “investment” after all.. lifes too short 😉

Untill then one can dream…. Who knows dreams can come true😜




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