Time to switch it up?? Take a walk with faux ..


LaBante …first established in 2009 with the idea that every woman should be able to afford luxury.


London based, LaBante is always on trend with the seasons……

LaBante’s ethos is memorable ‘FashionWithRespect’. The brand always tries to source the best materials, it also ensures that all suppliers conform to the LaBante code, “which stipulates manufacturing jewellery and handbags from ethically sourced materials in a humane manner.”The brand’s attention to detail is on trend they give their own take on classic designs, and commercial fashion.

LaBante is PETA approved Vegan brand.

As for £ side of its products bags and jewelry are very reasonably priced. I struggled to tell apart real leather to faux leather that is truly a sign of quality the same can be said for the well known iconic Stella Mccartney.. See links below …

All info for LaBante are from the site

Visit LaBante

Visit Stella Mccartney

Other Ethical Brands …

Tumble has a great post on vegan brandsfrom handbags to clothes to shoes … Definatley worth a browse

Other ethical brands









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