Black Friday sale at Mulberry outlet ;)

One word…. speechless 

A picture speaks a thousand words…. 



As you can see Santa arrived early in the form of black Friday sales at Mulberry !!! (Outlet Cheshire Oaks)….

It was love at first site with the iconic bayswater… l was very indecisive at which to invest in, so had a mini shopping spree at Mulberry. I had died and gone to bag heaven!!!!… I walked in with the thought of one Bayswater -Mulberry as my Arm Kandy but it was like being in candy shop, just could not resist so I opted for all three classic colours Oak Croc, Black Croc & little different Graphite – so its not the normal black it’s a mix between black and grey…I spent a shocking 1hour and 40 minutes trying the bags …asking endless questions to the sales assistant… But to be fair it is a big investment so wanted to be absolutely certain I got the right bag for me . At an Rrp of £895 as quoted on the Mulberry website one definatley needs to be committed to bags to make this kind of investment, however the final price will remain under wraps for now.. 😉

For all who have not realised by now I am obsessed with this particular style…  What a collection to start off with!!!!!……

Here are the unboxing photos of the iconic Mulberry bayswater… Isn’t she a beauty 😉 !!!


Timeless classic bag …







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