A perfect fit everytime, the easy way to update your wardrobe

Stress free … Your arm Kandy will always fit !!

The easiest way to update your wardrobe for a new season? A new handbag. Following you everywhere you go, a stylish handbag can give your whole look a sophisticated update while helping you “dress the part” for whatever you’ll be doing that day. A statement bag can literally make your outfit stand out from the crowd, a work bag can make you look more professional during your 9-to-5 and an organized tote can make a hectic trip that much easier. But – carry a handbag with fraying ends or cheap worn-out leather, and risk your whole outfit looking tired and out of place.

Your handbag is considered a primary accessory; it provides people with their first clue to your personal style. What does yours say about you? Does it say swank sophisticate or scream SOMEONES MOTHER? Swap out your tired, old purse for a sleek yet versatile catchall, and don’t fear color! This super-stylish bag – Hobo holds more than you think it can. Its big enough to conceal your wallet and that stash of crayons, but small enough to go easy on your posture for a long day out with the kids. And heres the most beautiful thing about shopping for bags: they ALWAYS fit!


The season to update with

Fall (Autumn/Winter) is always a great season to start with because of its array of rich autumnal shades.

Choose from Burgandy, Taupe, Tan Grey, and Classic Black  and your arm Kandy will sure carry you through to the next season.

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Size & Structure

There is a huge choice and to be honest everyone has their own individual needs from their bag, so think about …what will you be using your handbag for… what will you expect from it.. will it be able to meet  your demeands??? this all plays in with the size and structure.   Lately there’s a huge trend on totes, from large  to mini theres something for everyone.

So whether it be a luxe briefcase for the boardroom or practical satchel or the practical crossbody have fun and shop till you drop!!

Having a tote in your collection is a must…..


There is a wide range of textures to choose from but the most popular are the snake skin and calf hair, from Birkins to Michael Kors all big fashion houses are using these textures.  Remember you can wear all black but mix up by using textures.

What’s your latest piece of arm Kandy??

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