The latest addition ..

So I have been bitten by the Mulberry bugΒ  as if it’s not obvious enough ….
Especially with the cara’s as they are just fabulously practical … So practical that I’ve resulted to selling my bayswater totes in Oak Croc and graphite (both brand new). The cara is lightweight and multipurpose so it ticks all the boxes that I require from a piece of luxe armkandy.
However depending on which you go for is rather limited as stocks are low or even non existent.. 😒😒😒 so the choice is limited .
But on a lighter note .. I’m currently coverting the …Mulberry Black quilted nappa cara in medium πŸ˜‰πŸ‘œπŸ’•
My thoughts and pic on the new armkandy


Beautiful, a classic in my own opinion and makes it easy to go from day to night by removing the backpack straps and it turns into a cute grab bag (hand held) perfect for evening wear without having to swap bags . There are multiple ways the wear the bag as shown below


The pocket on the back is ideal for easy access to daily essentials. One thing is for sure the quilted nappa is delicate and is easily scratched .. Just a warning for all the ocd armkandy collectors. But at the end of the day a bag is supposed to be used . I prefer to wear mine on one shoulder as a shoulder bag . Its all down the personal preference how you wear and how you style it. After all its a 3 in 1 bag!!
The little touches on the bag are adorable e.g the lion rivet of cara’s tattoo on the inside of the bag plus the Made In England embossing on the bottom of the bag just gives it the extra luxe factor.
If there’s one bag to invest in its got to be this bag 100%.. And with all confidence I can definatley say you won’t be disappointed ..😁😊

Thanks for reading πŸ‘œπŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “The latest addition ..

  1. Thank you Rosie, once again for your lovely feedback, I look forward to you purchasing with Bagsyouknowit again , much appreciated, thank you very much😊😊 amazing feedback like this means a lot πŸ‘


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