So let’s update .. Bag dilemmas to a shoppers paradise..

So let’s begin with a recent trip to the ultimate luxe shoppers paradise… Bicester Village (BV) located on the outskirts of London… Only a 45min train journey from central London to Bicester village.. For those who like to be knowledgeable 😉… On arrival to BV I must say it screamed luxe boutique upon arrival. With the Chic boutique esq shops , from Radley to Loccitane, Prada to Dior the list went on …


The Entrance was very tastefully done ❤ the #BICESTERVILLAGE 😉😊.  First to catch my eye was Balenciaga and it was the armkandy that caught my attention .. Yes it was none other than the .. City bag ..


With its alluring colour and butter soft leather it just screams “take me home”…However I resisted as the bag in question only consisted of two handles and no shoulder strap .. one of my all time requirements when searching for a new bag. The slouchyness just didn’t appeal to me so I moved on.  Of course I was armed with a list of all the luxe bag stores I intended to browse
Next was Celine .. now this brand is well known for its bags especially the ” luggage tote” & “trapeze tote” favoured by many a-listers. 


At first glance the store just did not look so attractive as the “minimalistic” look just was not inviting personally.  However I did venture into the store as a window display did gain my curiosity.


Inside I tried on a few bags but I have to be honest the bags were far too heavy and this was before I had even put anything in them.  So from that I moved on quickly.  Personally Celine is an “it” brand but from hearing other bag lovers opinions, the bags tend to loose their structure pretty fast so its not what I expect from a bag I’m spending substantial amount of money on. 
Browsing through I then discovered longchamp.. Now longchamp is a highly accessible brand especial when it cone to the ” le pliege” range excuse the spelling ..

The store was absolutely packed full of potential customers. As the signature bags were at a discounted price. The Pliege is well known and easily recognised. The leather handles and the nylon is the brands signature. There are full leather bags too. So you are truly spoilt for choice. I would recommend this brand for its fantastic price point and quality . Light in weight, affordable and very durable. Longchamp has something for everyone.
After more browsing and photo snapping .. Clearly admiring the layout of the Village . BV had a calm atmosphere despite the amount of heavy footfall. I can confidently say it was the best shopping experience I have had compared to other shopping centres/outlet villages.


The most crowded store was Prada as many of its popular bags were heavily discounted. Then I spotted Saint Laurent … And there she was .. top of my luxe list the Sac de Jour small in dark brown and also in tan. This piece I had to try on as many reviews had pointed out the weight issue.. Somehow I did not share this view on the bag. The Sac de Jour was effortless and a new classic in my eyes.. I admire the minimal hardware as it makes the bag look clean and more polished overall I shall be going back to get the bag as its still firmly on my luxe list.
A little visit to Mulberry was in order as I’m a true Mulberry addict and I fell for these as I was undecided on an open tote or a classic…
On the left you have the Tessie riveted tote in steel blue and on the right you have the sea blue Bayswater. Yes both are blue but both very different.. The bayswater is a classic and very iconic and the colour is something I have not seen before . The Tessie is more contemporary and casual and less structured. I think I’m going to keep the Tessie as I have been after a tote and this one is an ideal everyday size. .. After the long overdue mulberry fix I then headed to Gucci, Valentino, Tory Burch & Fendi sadly nothing caught my eye. Its sad to say but Im just head over heels for Mulberry and the craftsmanship is outstanding.
So by now you must all be handbag’d out I certainly was! I had visited every luxe bag store that was there and it was amazing an experience; definatley not to be missed . Finally Iam pleased with my purchases and BV and I would highly reccomend visiting to all the shopaholics out there.

Thanks for reading..😊😉

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