The journey to your first Chanel..


So yes as you may have guessed from the title I have official joined #clubcc – Club Chanel… ©©
Its been  while since the last blog post… But that’s the journey I wanted to share… So you see Instagram and YouTube are flooded with Chanel pics and vids.. Yes it was this exact slippery slope that lead me into buying my first Chanel…that and the downsizing of my handbag collection.
As time goes on and your style evolves your bags do to…. So it all began with lots of thinking the deep kind of thinking… The thought process you tap into when making any major investment… In my case the Chanel…I had decided to take action in making this dream happen.. So I sold many of my bags to fund my first ©© purchase.. I religiously browsed and pinned actively on Pintrest .. Google imaged..researched the various leathers, hardware,sizes … And watched a ridiculous amount of YouTube reviews….

After all the ©© education I had found the perfect starter piece and it was the …. Chanel wallet on chain (woc) in caviar leather… the hardware was undecided at this point… 


I mainly wear my WOC cross body..

This bag has so many plus points … Firstly the multiple ways it can be worn.. Cross body, one shoulder, doubled chained on my be shoulder… And the chain strap tucked inside so it then becomes a clutch. 😍 And its so cute!!
One huge point that sold me on getting this bag was that it is as the name states a wallet on chain.. therefore I do not need to carry a separate purse.. This is how I pack my WOC .. Cards in the card slots… (6) flap zipper compartment holds the authenticity card ..also ideal when traveling to hold your passport in there, the two other slip compartments for cash. And the zipper compartment to hold coins… I use a Louis Vuitton Cles to hold keys and coins so the bag does not get damaged in anyway..
As you can see it holds the essentials.. It can hold a little more but I prefer to not stretch the bag..
For me it is the perfect run around bag and goes with any outfit.. So you can dress it up e.g formal events or simply wear it with a pair of Jeans, a tee and a pair of flats.. For a casual chic look.

I chose the gold hardware as I tried both choices of hardware and I wanted to use the bag for more formal events so I felt the gold hardware would be more appropriate for my lifestyle..
Here are a few photos of me trying on other classic flap bags.. The Maxi and Jumbo …in gold/silver hardware…
Here is short clip of my visit to Chanel – Manchester..
Chanel Visit

I was in handbag heaven …
This next bag was a show stopper.. It unfortunately was in Lambskin.. so super delicate… 😲

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Overall I’m pleased with my choice and my I’m now on way to getting my first Classic Flap ..its just making the decision in which size and which hardware?? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ‘œ
Some more photos of the classic flaps .. I mainly tried on the Maxi -silver hardware and the Jumbo in gold hardware..
I felt the Maxi was too big when worn cross body … The Jumbo sat perfectly crossbody.






Below are all the details on my WOC..

After all that trying I finally made my purchase… One tip I would give is call your nearest boutique and request to reserve the bag you would like to try on preferably the day before you go.. That way if you intend to purchase you won’t be disappointed.. Also it saves time because you won’t have to make multiple trips just to try on.. However it may confuse you further like me but that’s a whole other story…lol! πŸ˜‰..
After all the Chanel -ing around.. There were more handbag adventures to various other boutiques… Hermes… Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent.. It was a long day!! but i enjoyed every minute of itπŸ˜‰πŸ’–πŸ‘œπŸ˜..These will be featured in several other blog posts so..stay tuned…
In all honesty it was a dream come true and I wanted to buy a small bag first before making a larger purchase .. Also I have to thank my Sales Associate – Louise who reserved the bags for me and expertly guided while making my decision in which to buy.. Thank you for all your time and patients. 😁
It was a great way to see if Chanel worked for me or not because yes its a huge investment to make and there’s nothing worse than spending all that money and not being entirely happy with your purchase.. So my advice is do the research.. Ask yourself the purpose of the bag does it meet your needs… I know now that this bag is totally for me and the bonus is I picked the caviar leather which is tougher more durable leather as it is grained so it will last for many many years..

And most importantly don’t feel intimidated about going into store and asking to try on.. It’s a huge moment and you want to make it go ahead and try a hundred times…so you can make the right choice for you!..
A little disclaimer I’m no Chanel expert nor do I have the experience of owning a Chanel bag until now so all the opinions in the blog are entirely my own. At the end of the day the decision is your..
Hope you enjoyed reading this post…
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Thanks for reading…πŸ’–πŸ‘œ
Until next time… “Its all for the love of bags” – Bagsyouknowit


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