Settle down with a cuppa and join me on a Hermes, Chanel &Louis Vuitton… Bag spreeπŸ˜πŸ‘œ : disclosure: After viewing and reading this post a serious case of bag envy may occur and may cause spontaneous purchases in lux.

Ok, here it goes ..  Are you ready?  Three words Hermes, Chanel, Louis -Vuitton !!!! I know.. OMG!! 

So I went serious bag shopping and it all began with a surprise call from Louis Vuitton..”Natasha the Pochette Metis is instore for you”… I’m thinking haha yeah right !.. But it was true. So the moment had arrived the bag I had been waiting for ..thinking it will be months before I get my hands on one suddenly appears.. Its a sign yes it is.. So without even thinking twice I call back and say I will be instore by evening .. Of course I had another persons brutal honesty to hand so all was well..

First thought was oh now what do I wear?? Usual casual ..Jean’s a T and sandals…(summer time) ….

So this is what I quickly put together… 

With the all important bag choice… A..Mulberry small bayswater satchel in poppy red…. 

As you can see there is no colour but it worked !!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

So outfit and bag sorted ..I was on my way..  Sat in the car ..these thoughts are constantly nagging me… 

“So what if its all hype.. Am I buying into the hype???…what if its not what I expect???… Ive built this bag up so much.. I hope it lives up to its demand….for those who are not aware the metis is only available via special order..” …..

So now all parked up.. Walking to Louis Vuitton Manchester.. 

The window display was just calling out for a pic…so of course I had to take a photo.. Taken from my Instagram ..follow at @bagsyouknowit..😊 

Totally worthy…

Let’s cut to the chase..

Moving onto the moment of truth ..

You can see it was beautiful..after wearing ..I was smitten… I know its only a bag..but definatley worth the ££..

What fits inside..

Fits all the essentials with ease…and with minimum vachetta leather.. Its fairly carefree bag… So now with metis in hand I had to complete the metis with its own Twilly from none other than Hermes..yes the land of Orange!!😍🍊

Ofcourse I couldn’t resist the allure of the clic H bracelet… It was the perfect addition to the my jewellery collection… Now let’s face it…a Birkin in the same colour combination would be nice too…but let’s keep it real shall we …at least for now …πŸ˜‰

So after some Hermes Therapy..I then said oh let’s just take a look in Chanel…as you casually do… “Take a look” those three words that usually mean a spontaneous buy ….

Walking through the boutique.. A calm atmosphere ..casually browsing through the spectacular collection I see “the bag” yes in the corner….it ticked all the boxes…

  • Black
  • Caviar leather
  • Silver hardware – as I had the WOC silver was more on the casual side..
  • And finally not the classic diamond quilts… But the Chevron!!!

I could not belive my eyes …it had a such a shine compared to the “classic jumbo flap” same hardware same colour & leather… But just looked a bit more something to incomparison to the classic.

As you can see the two side by side the chevron stood out the most…to me it screamed lux and was instantly Chanel in my eyes!!

So there you have my reveal…what do you think leave your comments below..

Now getting back to the bag addicts shopping escapades..I took the jumbo from the display and wore it..

So elegant I thought and so versatile..😱

The icing on the cake was the interior, instead of the traditional burgundy interior this jumbo was all black ..still a double flap but all black my head I was thinking hmm its different not your typical classic yet still a classic…(previous research showed the chevron only in Lambskin.) This bag was seasonal so this was my chance to get it!! Quick before its no longer available.. Yes almost Β£4k on a bag is ridiculous but this was one of those moments ..I tried the chevron and the classic but the chevron won again.

By now the boutique had closed and the other staff were closing up but my kind SA -Christina did not rush me ..told me to try on some more and be 100% I did all of five minutes later I draw my card and made the purchase …this was well into 30 mins after the store had closed and none of the staff rushed me..they even took the bag and packed it up in true Chanel style..all boxed up ..impeccable is an understatement.. Perfection !!- Chanel packaging and presentation.

By now I was grinning from ear to ear, I had just purchased my first Chanel flap …

After all this retail therapy it was time to go home, with funds maxed out with a bag addicts ultimate bag in possession… I think I did good…and it was all thanks to a phone call for the Metis…

So in this case LV made me do it ..

The unboxing & reveal..

What fits inside my Chanel Chevron Jumbo..

LV – Neverfull Pochette, Chanel Caviar Card Case & LV Monogram Cles..and and small umbrella..basically the essentials as I’m not going to pretend but the bag is heavy even empty so I don’t over pack it.

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And here on the blog …thanks for reading and comment below .thanks xx

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