The handbag edit…

So this week I’ve been sorting which bags actually fit into the favourites category..these are not in my possession as of yet.. but I may purchase as I find myself going back to them even after several months have passed…

First up 


 Gucci have made a spectacular come back this year with a whole new look in its handbag range..The GG monogram is back !! Yes its a trend but will it become a classic ?? Only time will tell…

The two bags that have me all starry eyed… the Dionysus in medium and in mini ..

Now I will let you be the judge of this bag you think its worth it? Will the trend last?? For me personally I have seen this bag in person and it didnt have the same appeal as it does in photos.. So I think it is one of those’s photogenic if a bag can be ..  Or was I too quick to judge??? Hmm I think another visit to Gucci is called for.

Next up is..

YSL Large Monogram bag – carried by Gigi …now we have all seen this bag as its been worn as Gigi Hadid’s favorite bag..

Yes its a stunning bag and I fall for it every time I see’s actually very light weight too, so thats a big plus for me and plenty of space whilst being structured. With reasonable price £1500 approx its a great classic to own.

The YSL can be worn various ways shoulder double chain strapped or single chain shoulder and even cross body and at a fraction of the cost of a Chanel Classic flap Jumbo/Maxi for size reference its a good buy..It’s a bag that can be worn with any outfit ..formal dinner to a family day out ..

So you can tell I’m leaning towards this bag..but there are few more options to explore  yet.

Third is the Longchamp – Le pliage in the classic black with tan leather ..  At £70 this is practical luxe in my opinion..a tote for all weathers ..the worry free bag..light weight, foldable, easy on the pennies £.  Its the everyday workhorse.

If I was to buy a bag before the end of this year it would be this ..because of it’s price point and practicality.

What do you think to the le pliage?? Do you own one?? If so comment below ..

Fourth and finally is the Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Damiere Ebene..

This bag is cuteness… Crossbody- shoulder or even handheld or crook of the arm..various ways to wear it, also can be used in formal occasions too..however LV recently had a price increase so it now retails at £835 whereas two days ago it was £790 thats a £45 price increase…Besides the increase the bag does withstand the rain as it feature’s the treated leather and mainly coated canvas.. it’s a durable bag and will last for many years.

I managed to try the Alma BB in LouisVuitton Harrods back in August..first impressions…

  • Lightweight
  • Big enough to hold all daily essentials
  • Long enough for cross body
  • Perfect length even when worn on one shoulder
  • Easy to open and close..
  • Like the option of having a detachable shoulder strap
  • Comfortable for armcarry /tophandle too.

Well all the above were my thoughts as I wore the bag instore and to be fair you are getting a premium handbag for less than £1000.Most luxe bags start at the £1000+ price point so for an LV bag its right up there with the Speedy .

So there you have my current handbag faves.. 

Comment below and share your thoughts.. Which bags have you got your eyes on?

What’s on your bag wish list???

Thanks for reading 💖

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