The Insta edit..current picks..

So lately I’ve been trying to broaden my collection range interms of designers and brands when it comes to bags and SLG’s -small leather goods….


So far the edit ranges from affordable Longchamp tote – Le pliage…. To YSl and Louis Vuitton ….

Also included affordable £35 bags from Aldo -non leather but look very luxe without the mouth dropping price tag…


First up is Longchamp for its “luxecality” appeal…luxe and practically combined …the French brand has a lot to offer with its well made tote with various personalisation options available too…- I was sold by the fact that it folds up and its waterproof and weighs next to nothing while looking super chic..and of course the zip closure for security..

At £70 is a great buy !


Thereafter is a great organiser wallet from Henri Bendel £172..full leather wallet..with brilliant organisation perfect as a clutch or on the days you just want your purse/phone/keys..


Then comes the premium luxe now after Chanel’s ridiculous price increase of £450 on the bag I would have invested in …(as pictured in the pic above )..I started to browse Louis Vuitton and the bag of that got my attention was the Capucines BB in black with gold hardware… So cute and elegant ..yes with a heavy price tag but better priced in my opinion than the Chanel medium classic above…but hey thats my opinion…

img_20161109_102551Then came the blue beauty from Dior …OMG just stunning the Dior open bag..a very classy tote bag again similar price to Capucines BB.. See prices at



I think now that Chanel has out priced itself to buyers like myself I would rather spend my money on a bag that is handmade and better customer Garden Party pm


Overall brands like Louis Vuitton /Henri Bendel/ Longchamp are just a few I’m looking into at the moment although I still love Chanel I will be going pre loved for a bag from ©©..

If I was to splurge on one piece this year it probably be the LV Capucines BB




Looks like a timeless forever classic without the monogram…

YSL is also another favorite on the list with the College bag in black on black …


Its a little different and understated as well as it add some edge to any outfit..

After all the bag browsing.. I had a request from a Client so off I went to Mulberry to personal shop the bag that was requested…

While shopping for my client I just couldn’t resist and I came home with this adorable mini Cara bag from Mulberry…so cute..practical..can be worn on the shoulder or backpack and fits more than the essentials…I actually carried the bag during the school drop and I couldn’t actually feel the weight of the bag I made the perfect decision..


So cute!


Three choices..


So I hope you liked this quick edit of bags and whats on my radar….

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Thanks for reading xx






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