Too long of a break..

So …. Let’s be honest Instagram is so much easier ..take a pic and there you go …two mins an all done blogging takes time, thought and planning which is why I took a break ….. 

In between took a holiday … And updated my bag collection with several new additions off the wish list ✔✔✔

In order of arrival …

  1. Louis Vuitton Speedy bandolier 25 monogram 
  2. Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette monogram
  3.  Bag organiser/liner 
  4. Chanel Reissue 227 – pre loved 
  5. Hermes Evelyne 3 pm Gold Clemance .

So its been a busy few months ..

However finally found what works for me … there is one continued theme with all these bags…they all crossbody and can be worn multiple ways… 

I soon found out I’m not top handle carry person or a crook of the arm kind a girl… It gives you arm ache lie ..try carrying a full Mulberry bayswater on the crook of your arm….you will soon have biceps 💪…

Practicality is what I want…so I chose for classic and functional… Definatley a winning combination in my opinion… Carrying a seriously heavy bag is no fun ..

Ok back to the point, now you know I’m a true lv monogram fan… So a speedyb25 in mono was a no brainer .. and instagram made me do it lol …so the stars aligned and I got this bag from a great seller -npn bags (naughty pigeons nest)Naughtipidgins nest .. luck would have it the bag was brand new. So I snapped it up without even thinking twice esp when your saving a great deal off the rrp…. 

So I just need the sun to shine to enjoy the forever classic . 

..That sunny day finally happened yesterday here she is … 

Beautiful I know !!! 😉

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