Life happens..

So life happens stuff gets in the way … Hence the infrequent blog posts… So I took the plunge and sold my Chanel bags … First to go was the Jumbo .. After the whole love hate relationship I decided to sell it and pass the happiness on. Reasons on why i sold

  • Too heavy
  • Doesn’t fit as much as one would think ..
  • A tank of a bag..
  • Too boxy in my opinion
  • Caused me too much stress

So there you have it in a brief summary of why i sold a handbag addicts holy grail bag. Also one more point i would like to add.. its a pretty big investment and i soon realised it was the idea of the Chanel jumbo i liked owning not the actual bag… (Hope this makes some kind of sense ๐Ÿ˜‰) below is a pic of the beloved CC Jumbo .. Eye catching is an understatement …

Once this was sold i went back to what i enjoy and that was Louis Vuitton.

  1. I went on to complete my LV speedyb25 trifecta (the trio of canvas prints LV has) Added the Damier Azure ..
  2. Then followed the classic/iconic LV Neverfull in GM size in monogram canvas in the classic beige interior… This bag is everything!
  3. The Gucci Marmont in small in black …i wanted to add a black bag that was more my style and the marmont fit the bill ..price and ease of use …

The bags that i enjoy using …

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