The 3 in1 bag …

So it’s been a while … What’s my reason … Well let’s just say Instagram is far easier lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ and frankly I just wasn’t into blogging after overhauling my bag collection.. (I would rather be transparent than lie through my teeth) But I can say I’m at bag peace and firmly on ban island… Sometimes you just want to enjoy your new purse additions quietly… And this was exactly the case for me .

I was looking for a replacement to the Chanel WOC I had sold – bag/clutch … I have moved over to Louis Vuitton.. The carefree ..stress free approach … Enjoy luxury without the worry…

(It’s more in tune with me and my style ..I like to be understated)

So I came across the Pochette Felice in canvas in the Damier ebene print … Now this bag has all the features you would want at a great price point ..

  • Removal inserts – card and zipped pouch
  • Detachable chain – that’s not heavy – one con its not adjustable in length
  • Spacious – holds all the essentials and more..keys/phone/cards/cash/lipstick/mirror etc
  • None leather – coated canvas so durable can be worn in the rain – key factor if you live the UK .
  • It’s understated.
  • Ideal size for a clutch too.
  • Compatible with other bag straps too – can be worn cross body /shoulder or as a clutch ..
  • Can be used as a wallet inside a larger bag
  • Great price point ยฃ630 compared to a chanel wallet on chain at ยฃ1700 approx .

This is what I tend to carry inside ..

Perfume travelo

Antibac Wipes


Card holder as my wallet cards/cash

Small hand cream

The original chain

LV cles for coins and keys

And it does fit a large phone comparable to an Iphone 6+ and upwards.

I also changed the strap to another LV ebene strap as I was using it casually and didn’t want the gold chain strap .. I think it dresses the bag up and it was raining of course.. so I opted for the ebene strap which is fine in all weathers.

If your looking for a little versatile bag that you don’t have to worry about ..this is it!!! and it’s not in the thousand ยฃ range so a little more easier on your pocket.

I’m very happy with my purchase and I can confidently recommend it.

One thing to note is that LV have tightened up on their canvas line so when you see it on the site or in store don’t hesitate.. Buy the bag!

Or you could enlist me to personal shop it for you (shameless self publicity)๐Ÿ˜‰

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The Insta edit..current picks..

So lately I’ve been trying to broaden my collection range interms of designers and brands when it comes to bags and SLG’s -small leather goods….


So far the edit ranges from affordable Longchamp tote – Le pliage…. To YSl and Louis Vuitton ….

Also included affordable ยฃ35 bags from Aldo -non leather but look very luxe without the mouth dropping price tag…


First up is Longchamp for its “luxecality” appeal…luxe and practically combined …the French brand has a lot to offer with its well made tote with various personalisation options available too…- I was sold by the fact that it folds up and its waterproof and weighs next to nothing while looking super chic..and of course the zip closure for security..

At ยฃ70 is a great buy !


Thereafter is a great organiser wallet from Henri Bendel ยฃ172..full leather wallet..with brilliant organisation perfect as a clutch or on the days you just want your purse/phone/keys..


Then comes the premium luxe now after Chanel’s ridiculous price increase of ยฃ450 on the bag I would have invested in …(as pictured in the pic above )..I started to browse Louis Vuitton and the bag of that got my attention was the Capucines BB in black with gold hardware… So cute and elegant ..yes with a heavy price tag but better priced in my opinion than the Chanel medium classic above…but hey thats my opinion…

img_20161109_102551Then came the blue beauty from Dior …OMG just stunning the Dior open bag..a very classy tote bag again similar price to Capucines BB.. See prices at



I think now that Chanel has out priced itself to buyers like myself I would rather spend my money on a bag that is handmade and better customer Garden Party pm


Overall brands like Louis Vuitton /Henri Bendel/ Longchamp are just a few I’m looking into at the moment although I still love Chanel I will be going pre loved for a bag from ยฉยฉ..

If I was to splurge on one piece this year it probably be the LV Capucines BB




Looks like a timeless forever classic without the monogram…

YSL is also another favorite on the list with the College bag in black on black …


Its a little different and understated as well as it add some edge to any outfit..

After all the bag browsing.. I had a request from a Client so off I went to Mulberry to personal shop the bag that was requested…

While shopping for my client I just couldn’t resist and I came home with this adorable mini Cara bag from Mulberry…so cute..practical..can be worn on the shoulder or backpack and fits more than the essentials…I actually carried the bag during the school drop and I couldn’t actually feel the weight of the bag I made the perfect decision..


So cute!


Three choices..


So I hope you liked this quick edit of bags and whats on my radar….

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The handbag edit…

So this week I’ve been sorting which bags actually fit into the favourites category..these are not in my possession as of yet.. but I may purchase as I find myself going back to them even after several months have passed…

First up 


 Gucci have made a spectacular come back this year with a whole new look in its handbag range..The GG monogram is back !! Yes its a trend but will it become a classic ?? Only time will tell…

The two bags that have me all starry eyed… the Dionysus in medium and in mini ..

Now I will let you be the judge of this bag you think its worth it? Will the trend last?? For me personally I have seen this bag in person and it didnt have the same appeal as it does in photos.. So I think it is one of those’s photogenic if a bag can be ..  Or was I too quick to judge??? Hmm I think another visit to Gucci is called for.

Next up is..

YSL Large Monogram bag – carried by Gigi …now we have all seen this bag as its been worn as Gigi Hadid’s favorite bag..

Yes its a stunning bag and I fall for it every time I see’s actually very light weight too, so thats a big plus for me and plenty of space whilst being structured. With reasonable price ยฃ1500 approx its a great classic to own.

The YSL can be worn various ways shoulder double chain strapped or single chain shoulder and even cross body and at a fraction of the cost of a Chanel Classic flap Jumbo/Maxi for size reference its a good buy..It’s a bag that can be worn with any outfit ..formal dinner to a family day out ..

So you can tell I’m leaning towards this bag..but there are few more options to explore  yet.

Third is the Longchamp – Le pliage in the classic black with tan leather ..  At ยฃ70 this is practical luxe in my opinion..a tote for all weathers ..the worry free bag..light weight, foldable, easy on the pennies ยฃ.  Its the everyday workhorse.

If I was to buy a bag before the end of this year it would be this ..because of it’s price point and practicality.

What do you think to the le pliage?? Do you own one?? If so comment below ..

Fourth and finally is the Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Damiere Ebene..

This bag is cuteness… Crossbody- shoulder or even handheld or crook of the arm..various ways to wear it, also can be used in formal occasions too..however LV recently had a price increase so it now retails at ยฃ835 whereas two days ago it was ยฃ790 thats a ยฃ45 price increase…Besides the increase the bag does withstand the rain as it feature’s the treated leather and mainly coated canvas.. it’s a durable bag and will last for many years.

I managed to try the Alma BB in LouisVuitton Harrods back in August..first impressions…

  • Lightweight
  • Big enough to hold all daily essentials
  • Long enough for cross body
  • Perfect length even when worn on one shoulder
  • Easy to open and close..
  • Like the option of having a detachable shoulder strap
  • Comfortable for armcarry /tophandle too.

Well all the above were my thoughts as I wore the bag instore and to be fair you are getting a premium handbag for less than ยฃ1000.Most luxe bags start at the ยฃ1000+ price point so for an LV bag its right up there with the Speedy .

So there you have my current handbag faves.. 

Comment below and share your thoughts.. Which bags have you got your eyes on?

What’s on your bag wish list???

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Settle down with a cuppa and join me on a Hermes, Chanel &Louis Vuitton… Bag spree๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘œ : disclosure: After viewing and reading this post a serious case of bag envy may occur and may cause spontaneous purchases in lux.

Ok, here it goes ..  Are you ready?  Three words Hermes, Chanel, Louis -Vuitton !!!! I know.. OMG!! 

So I went serious bag shopping and it all began with a surprise call from Louis Vuitton..”Natasha the Pochette Metis is instore for you”… I’m thinking haha yeah right !.. But it was true. So the moment had arrived the bag I had been waiting for ..thinking it will be months before I get my hands on one suddenly appears.. Its a sign yes it is.. So without even thinking twice I call back and say I will be instore by evening .. Of course I had another persons brutal honesty to hand so all was well..

First thought was oh now what do I wear?? Usual casual ..Jean’s a T and sandals…(summer time) ….

So this is what I quickly put together… 

With the all important bag choice… A..Mulberry small bayswater satchel in poppy red…. 

As you can see there is no colour but it worked !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

So outfit and bag sorted ..I was on my way..  Sat in the car ..these thoughts are constantly nagging me… 

“So what if its all hype.. Am I buying into the hype???…what if its not what I expect???… Ive built this bag up so much.. I hope it lives up to its demand….for those who are not aware the metis is only available via special order..” …..

So now all parked up.. Walking to Louis Vuitton Manchester.. 

The window display was just calling out for a pic…so of course I had to take a photo.. Taken from my Instagram ..follow at @bagsyouknowit..๐Ÿ˜Š 

Totally worthy…

Let’s cut to the chase..

Moving onto the moment of truth ..

You can see it was beautiful..after wearing ..I was smitten… I know its only a bag..but definatley worth the ยฃยฃ..

What fits inside..

Fits all the essentials with ease…and with minimum vachetta leather.. Its fairly carefree bag… So now with metis in hand I had to complete the metis with its own Twilly from none other than Hermes..yes the land of Orange!!๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŠ

Ofcourse I couldn’t resist the allure of the clic H bracelet… It was the perfect addition to the my jewellery collection… Now let’s face it…a Birkin in the same colour combination would be nice too…but let’s keep it real shall we …at least for now …๐Ÿ˜‰

So after some Hermes Therapy..I then said oh let’s just take a look in Chanel…as you casually do… “Take a look” those three words that usually mean a spontaneous buy ….

Walking through the boutique.. A calm atmosphere ..casually browsing through the spectacular collection I see “the bag” yes in the corner….it ticked all the boxes…

  • Black
  • Caviar leather
  • Silver hardware – as I had the WOC silver was more on the casual side..
  • And finally not the classic diamond quilts… But the Chevron!!!

I could not belive my eyes …it had a such a shine compared to the “classic jumbo flap” same hardware same colour & leather… But just looked a bit more something to incomparison to the classic.

As you can see the two side by side the chevron stood out the most…to me it screamed lux and was instantly Chanel in my eyes!!

So there you have my reveal…what do you think leave your comments below..

Now getting back to the bag addicts shopping escapades..I took the jumbo from the display and wore it..

So elegant I thought and so versatile..๐Ÿ˜ฑ

The icing on the cake was the interior, instead of the traditional burgundy interior this jumbo was all black ..still a double flap but all black my head I was thinking hmm its different not your typical classic yet still a classic…(previous research showed the chevron only in Lambskin.) This bag was seasonal so this was my chance to get it!! Quick before its no longer available.. Yes almost ยฃ4k on a bag is ridiculous but this was one of those moments ..I tried the chevron and the classic but the chevron won again.

By now the boutique had closed and the other staff were closing up but my kind SA -Christina did not rush me ..told me to try on some more and be 100% I did all of five minutes later I draw my card and made the purchase …this was well into 30 mins after the store had closed and none of the staff rushed me..they even took the bag and packed it up in true Chanel style..all boxed up ..impeccable is an understatement.. Perfection !!- Chanel packaging and presentation.

By now I was grinning from ear to ear, I had just purchased my first Chanel flap …

After all this retail therapy it was time to go home, with funds maxed out with a bag addicts ultimate bag in possession… I think I did good…and it was all thanks to a phone call for the Metis…

So in this case LV made me do it ..

The unboxing & reveal..

What fits inside my Chanel Chevron Jumbo..

LV – Neverfull Pochette, Chanel Caviar Card Case & LV Monogram Cles..and and small umbrella..basically the essentials as I’m not going to pretend but the bag is heavy even empty so I don’t over pack it.

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The journey to your first Chanel..


So yes as you may have guessed from the title I have official joined #clubcc – Club Chanel… ยฉยฉ
Its been  while since the last blog post… But that’s the journey I wanted to share… So you see Instagram and YouTube are flooded with Chanel pics and vids.. Yes it was this exact slippery slope that lead me into buying my first Chanel…that and the downsizing of my handbag collection.
As time goes on and your style evolves your bags do to…. So it all began with lots of thinking the deep kind of thinking… The thought process you tap into when making any major investment… In my case the Chanel…I had decided to take action in making this dream happen.. So I sold many of my bags to fund my first ยฉยฉ purchase.. I religiously browsed and pinned actively on Pintrest .. Google imaged..researched the various leathers, hardware,sizes … And watched a ridiculous amount of YouTube reviews….

After all the ยฉยฉ education I had found the perfect starter piece and it was the …. Chanel wallet on chain (woc) in caviar leather… the hardware was undecided at this point… 


I mainly wear my WOC cross body..

This bag has so many plus points … Firstly the multiple ways it can be worn.. Cross body, one shoulder, doubled chained on my be shoulder… And the chain strap tucked inside so it then becomes a clutch. ๐Ÿ˜ And its so cute!!
One huge point that sold me on getting this bag was that it is as the name states a wallet on chain.. therefore I do not need to carry a separate purse.. This is how I pack my WOC .. Cards in the card slots… (6) flap zipper compartment holds the authenticity card ..also ideal when traveling to hold your passport in there, the two other slip compartments for cash. And the zipper compartment to hold coins… I use a Louis Vuitton Cles to hold keys and coins so the bag does not get damaged in anyway..
As you can see it holds the essentials.. It can hold a little more but I prefer to not stretch the bag..
For me it is the perfect run around bag and goes with any outfit.. So you can dress it up e.g formal events or simply wear it with a pair of Jeans, a tee and a pair of flats.. For a casual chic look.

I chose the gold hardware as I tried both choices of hardware and I wanted to use the bag for more formal events so I felt the gold hardware would be more appropriate for my lifestyle..
Here are a few photos of me trying on other classic flap bags.. The Maxi and Jumbo …in gold/silver hardware…
Here is short clip of my visit to Chanel – Manchester..
Chanel Visit

I was in handbag heaven …
This next bag was a show stopper.. It unfortunately was in Lambskin.. so super delicate… ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

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Overall I’m pleased with my choice and my I’m now on way to getting my first Classic Flap ..its just making the decision in which size and which hardware?? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘œ
Some more photos of the classic flaps .. I mainly tried on the Maxi -silver hardware and the Jumbo in gold hardware..
I felt the Maxi was too big when worn cross body … The Jumbo sat perfectly crossbody.






Below are all the details on my WOC..

After all that trying I finally made my purchase… One tip I would give is call your nearest boutique and request to reserve the bag you would like to try on preferably the day before you go.. That way if you intend to purchase you won’t be disappointed.. Also it saves time because you won’t have to make multiple trips just to try on.. However it may confuse you further like me but that’s a whole other story…lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰..
After all the Chanel -ing around.. There were more handbag adventures to various other boutiques… Hermes… Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent.. It was a long day!! but i enjoyed every minute of it๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘œ๐Ÿ˜..These will be featured in several other blog posts so..stay tuned…
In all honesty it was a dream come true and I wanted to buy a small bag first before making a larger purchase .. Also I have to thank my Sales Associate – Louise who reserved the bags for me and expertly guided while making my decision in which to buy.. Thank you for all your time and patients. ๐Ÿ˜
It was a great way to see if Chanel worked for me or not because yes its a huge investment to make and there’s nothing worse than spending all that money and not being entirely happy with your purchase.. So my advice is do the research.. Ask yourself the purpose of the bag does it meet your needs… I know now that this bag is totally for me and the bonus is I picked the caviar leather which is tougher more durable leather as it is grained so it will last for many many years..

And most importantly don’t feel intimidated about going into store and asking to try on.. It’s a huge moment and you want to make it go ahead and try a hundred times…so you can make the right choice for you!..
A little disclaimer I’m no Chanel expert nor do I have the experience of owning a Chanel bag until now so all the opinions in the blog are entirely my own. At the end of the day the decision is your..
Hope you enjoyed reading this post…
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Bag tales….

So …. Well here is a long overdue post everyone! today’s post is going to be about my current wish list, wants, and next purchases…. So grab yourself a cuppa and settle in and allow me to take you on a stroll through my mind …currently known as bagtopia๐Ÿ˜‰
Firstly let’s take a look at my wish list.. now of course there will be some lavishly luxe piece’s but you are allowed to dream..
Staying in dream land. First up is the …….
Hermes Birkin 35cm Togo leather in gold hardware .colour -Gold & Birkin 35cm Black Togo leather in Palladium or Gold hardware.

These two Birkin’s are the ultimate dream ….for me ..anyway it is an obscene amount for a handbag but each to their own it is truly a big forever bag. … The bonus is it’s resale value as Birkin’s are renowned for their appreciation in value year after year… The same applies for a Classic Chanel Flap bag in the classic leathers and hardware.. With its yearly price increase …the brand still holds its exclusivity but nobody does exclusivity like Hermes…

The Chanel that’s on my list before the Birkin is the Classic Chanel double flap maxi in caviar leather with silver hardware… I prefer the silver hardware as its a nice twist from the classic gold the Caviar leather is more durable and is weatherproof… I recently had the opportunity to try on the exact same bag that I’m discussing now with you and the moment I handled the bag it some how lost it’s appeal but then grew again on me the minute I gave it back… Its a bizarre situation to be in …
Moving onto the next bag down from Chanel well this beauty was a late discovery but truly worth it… You will have seen it if you follow me on Instagram @bagsyouknowit
It is the Saint Laurent small Sac de jour… In taupe or black pebbled leather… The bag has organisation & security with a large zip compartment and it comes with a shoulder strap so you can go hands free …no more aching arms ๐Ÿ˜‰.. Or a work out as some bag addicts call it… ๐Ÿ’ช.

So here is the small Sac de jour … The only draw back maybe is the weight.. But all things considered it’s on par with the Mulberry bayswater in weight.. So it won’t be much of an issue.
Down from the Saint Laurent is the spectacular Diorever bag … Now this is beautiful on another level ….

Here is the Diorever large Cherry pink bag .. Silver hardware in bull calf leather … With its versatility of two bags in one … The flap folds back so you have an open tote style or you can wear it with the flap closed as a satchel and also comes with a shoulder strap. A superbly made bag and the attention to detail is amazing… You will be left speechless…
Next is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Gm in Monogram .. Now this bag I’m still unsure of it.. as many would say its a basic tote.. Or a bottomless pit… Either way I still like the bag but may consider a Totally MM instead as it is more secure with a full length zip closure….
The Louis Vuitton totally mm… In Damier Ebene ..completely weatherproof great for the British climate .. Lol ๐Ÿƒโ˜”
The Louis Vuitton Neverfull gm this is a little more delicate especially with the Vachetta trim .. The Vachetta naturally Oxidises and develops a honey colour also known as a Patina. The Vachetta is an untreated leather so is more seceptible to staining .. Watermarks etc… So that’s why I’m still on the fence about this one …
Now the Pochette Metis from LV I have no doubts about its the perfect crossbody
3 compartments… Zipped back pocket… Light weight just perfect…
Most likely I shall be dipping my toes into Louis Vuitton pretty soon but will have to go to the boutique to try the bags to see which suits and fits me best…
As for my Mulberry collection I may be tempted by the newer Bayswater style or go with a classic Oak nvt Bayswater who knows … …
I shall be filming my bag adventures when I visit the LV store and other bag stores so stay tuned on my YouTube channel
@ Bagsyouknowit Bagsyouknowit
Here the latest video on leather care ..
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A perfect fit everytime, the easy way to update your wardrobe

Stress free … Your arm Kandy will always fit !!

The easiest way to update your wardrobe for a new season? A new handbag. Following you everywhere you go, a stylish handbag can give your whole look a sophisticated update while helping you โ€œdress the partโ€ for whatever youโ€™ll be doing that day. A statement bag can literally make your outfit stand out from the crowd, a work bag can make you look more professional during your 9-to-5 and an organized tote can make a hectic trip that much easier. But – carry a handbag with fraying ends or cheap worn-out leather, and risk your whole outfit looking tired and out of place.

Your handbag is considered a primary accessory; it provides people with their first clue to your personal style. What does yours say about you? Does it say swank sophisticate or scream SOMEONES MOTHER? Swap out your tired, old purse for a sleek yet versatile catchall, and don’t fear color! This super-stylish bag – Hobo holds more than you think it can. Its big enough to conceal your wallet and that stash of crayons, but small enough to go easy on your posture for a long day out with the kids. And heres the most beautiful thing about shopping for bags: they ALWAYS fit!
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