The reissue …

The Reissue… 227….Chanel …

This was an unplanned bag purchase… Spare of the moment …. When your heart over rules your head kind of situation…. But….the bonus being my first pre loved Chanel ..from a fantastic company called Xupes.

Yes its larger than a Jumbo Chanel but the great part  is it’s light weight!! A full leather bag that is light weight and can hold more than a classic flap jumbo …

I was onto a winner so I clicked buy …Once the bag arrived …I quickly unboxed it and instantly knew I had made the right choice …the chained straps were comfortable even cross body ..without that famous dig into shoulder ache you get with the classic flap bags… . Second point was the distressed leather look …not worrying about scratches and with this leather type ..the bag being more mouldable unlike the traditional Chanel caviar leather.. The reissue leather is a great pick if your terrified of lambskin like myself.

I also liked how understated it was …I find at times the Chevron Jumbo I own is a bit of “hey look at me bag” whereas the reissue can be worn casually and dressed up .

Side by side Chanel Chevron Caviar Jumbo & the Reissue 227.

227 is basically the largest size In the Reissue style that is still available in Chanel stores now.

Wearing the bag is comfortable, I am able to fit all my essentials plus an umbrella without it being unbearably heavy..

The one point that takes a little getting used to is the closure on the bag .. It’s a little tricky compared to the classic double cc’s turn lock.. But that will get easier with time and use.

Another reason why I chose this bag was.. I liked how it lay flatter against the body rather than being boxy and sticking out, which is what my Jumbo does but I still love that bag and I call it my “Showstopper” bag because of its eye catching look it has .

A quick mention to Eva @

Your YouTube videos on the reissue hugely helped me even though your bag is a different size . Keep making great videos … For all of you that haven’t tuned into Eva’s YouTube Channel ..go tune in and hit subscribe!! 

Thanks Eva ❤

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